Kayla Chorley (Pineapple Therapy)

Kayla Chorley (Pineapple Therapy)
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Practice Philosophy:

If you are ready to get un-stuck, I am here to support you. I specialize in trauma and anxiety, and welcome all who wish to make meaningful changes in their lives. I will help you understand the inner workings of trauma and anxiety, and, together, we will explore your specific relationship with them. We will examine how trauma and anxiety impact different aspects of your life, and equip you with tools and strategies that you can use on a day-to-day basis to help you reduce feelings of panic and feeling out of control. I welcome you to connect with me to share your goals for therapy and see how I may support you on your journey to wellness.

Specialty Age Group
  • Adult (18+)
  • Senior (>64)

Professional organization

Canadian Certified Counsellor


BEd MACP CCC Counselling Therapist (ACTA)

  • English

Years Of Experience
  • <5 Years
Type of Provider:
  • Counsellor
Treatment Modalities:
Health Status:
Service Delivery:
  • Virtual/Online

**Virtual/Online services may not be available to all locations. Please inquire the service provider for confirmation.

  • Mood/Mental Health
    • Motivation
    • Stress/Anxiety
    • Depression
    • Trauma
    • Mindfulness
Contact Information
9321 82 Ave NW, Edmonton, AB T6C 0Z6, Canada
(825) 250-0325
Standard Hourly Fees: $100 - 200

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