• Reach a new audience.

    Display your brand to people actively seeking wellness solutions and those providing them, as they will receive a notification every time a new company is created.

  • Expert recommendations.

    Receive endorsements from vetted wellness providers that love what you’re doing to boost credibility as a wellness brand.

  • Alert users of your promotions or events.

    Notifications are pushed to both health seekers and providers every time you create personalized offers such as discounts or sales as well as custom events such as summits, webinars and courses.

It’s easy to get started

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  • Create a personalized profile
  • Create dynamic discounts and send notifications to wellness seekers and providers about new promotions
  • Create events and send notifications to wellness seekers and providers about your upcoming summit, course or webinar
  • Receive recommendations and endorsement from wellness providers
  • Become ambassador and get credit


  • Promotion on side panels of our social feed for custom duration of time
  • Promotion on our social channels and podcast
  • Promotion via monthly internal newsletter
  • Become ambassador and get credit
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Frequently Asked Questions

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