• Notifications.

    Create personalized offers and easily notify our users of any promotions or discounts your brand is offering.

  • Reach a new audience.

    Introduce yourself and educate wellness providers about your products.

  • Expert recommendations.

    Find providers with wellness philosophies that align with yours to endorse your products.

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  • Create a personalized profile
  • Create dynamic discounts and send notifications
  • Share information about your product/services in the community section in different formats
  • Receive recommendations and endorsement from wellness providers


  • All Free features +
  • PromptHealth promotes your company to the providers via community, social media and internal newsletter
  • Monthly Check-In with a social media manger


Increase your visibility and reach by utilizing our custom promotion services. We tailor our services based on your needs.

  • 3 month bundle
  • 6 month bundle
  • Social Media Management
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Use PromptHealth to showcase yourself to wellness providers.

  • Promotional Ad space on PromptHealth homepage
  • Custom promotional content made for your brand

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