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Owen Wiseman

In my latest publication, Nature Rx for Humanity: Rediscovering Our Wild Side During COVID-19, I explore evidence-based clinical tips and provide resources for healthcare professionals to integrate nature prescriptions in to their own practice. Take a read and share with your networks! 🌱🌲🌳🌿

Tabi Padidar

Flourish TCM Clinic specializes in non-narcotic and non-invasive practices in healing pain such as headaches, chronic pain, joint pain, back pain, and Sciatica. Flourish TCM Clinic uses Chinese Medicine Bio-Current Massage Treatment which combines the benefits of acupuncture, cupping, Tui Na (Chinese acupressure massage), and Gua-Sha as well as Cold Laser Acupuncture to treat any body, mind or internal organ conditions. We combining the principles of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine to take a holistic approach to preventing and reversing diseases. We believe the healing has to be from within.

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Donna Cross

So, you have probably heard of Reiki. And, you have probably known Reiki to be a hands-on, in person, healing modality. Such as therapeutic massage, acupuncture, and the like. But, did you know that Reiki healing energy has no limitations or constraints with time, distance and space? Were you aware that Reiki healing energy could be sent anywhere in the world, to a past traumatic event or even a future stressful situation? Well, it’s true! How is it possible, for instance, that Reiki could be sent from New Hampshire, USA (where I’m from), to Tokyo, Japan? I realize this concept can be confusing and hard to grasp. But, I have experienced this, and, now I’d like to explain this concept to you! Distance Reiki is based on The Law of Hermetic Similarity. In a nutshell, this law states that we, as a collective, are not only surrounded by energy individually, but we all are energetically interconnected. This is why Reiki can be sent to anyone on Earth, no matter the distance. It’s all basic physics, really. “Energy cannot be created nor destroyed. Only transformed.” Consider, if you will, smartphone technology. You text a message, the message beams up to a satellite, then goes down to the recipient. All in a matter of seconds. You just accept this, don’t even think twice about it. This is energy Exchange at work! We, on this beautiful planet, are, unfortunately, still entrenched in this global Pandemic. Now, more than ever, we are in desperate need for physical, mental, emotional and spiritual healing. Isn’t it wonderful that Reiki healing energy can heal many layers, and get to the root cause of illness, all in the comfort and privacy of your own home? Give Distance Reiki a try to experience its beautiful, soothing, and empowering essence!

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