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David Turnby

Before TurnFit I was very much so focused on my aesthetic goals. I still have aesthetic goals that I'm reaching with you guys. But now I'm really putting mobility at the forefront of it and functionality. And by doing that, I've noticed I've actually gotten aesthetic improvements a lot faster than I have in the past. Apply for a free assessment https://TurnFit.ca

Do you struggle with getting enough cardio? Cardio is not the 'only' form of exercise to strengthen the heart and prevent heart disease. Resistance training also strengthens the heart. The American Heart Association now recommends strength training as another form of exercise to help prevent heart disease and as a part of cardiac rehabilitation for those who have had a heart attack. #hearthealth

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Owen Wiseman

Happy Heart Health Month! ❤️ Your ND can support you with nutritional guidance and herbs to support your long-term cardiac health.

Donna Cross

It's February-the LOVE month! Self-Love, that is! You cannot give what you do not have. Build a strong foundation of love for yourself FIRST, and then you can give! Here are my favorite self-love affirmations. I say them every day, and include them in my journalling practice. Now, I'd like to share them with you! Say these affirmations after me, won't you?

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Our relationship with our body (i.e.. our health) is one of the most important relationships we will ever have.   ⁠My desire is to help women reconnect with their bodies, overcome emotional eating and heal their relationship with food. This is why I have created the Empowered Eating Program!⁠   For more information, head to...   www.alexathedietitian.com/empoweredeating

Donna Cross

Refer A Friend Special! Good until 3/31/22! Refer a friend to receive a Reiki healing session with me and you may choose a Reiki session FOR ANY AMOUNT OF TIME where YOU SET THE PRICE! I would be honored to be of service!

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