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Future of Wellness Workshop: Streamline your Social Media

Future of Wellness Workshop: Streamline your Social Media

  • Virtual event
  • 2022/02/10 08:00 PM - 2022/02/10 09:00 PM (your local time)

Join our free online workshop to hone your digital skills and network with other wellness professionals. This will be the space to ask all of your burning questions on how to utilize social media to its fullest potential in order to market your practice and educate others.

How Can I Strengthen My Immune System?
5mins read

How Can I Strengthen My Immune System?

Introducing A.Vogel! We have recently partnered with A.Vogel, the premier supplier of high-quality plant remedies, that is founded on the same mission as PromptHealth; to help people find holistic options. Just like PromptHealth, A.Vogel believes in incorporating nature to maintain our health and wellness. Continue learning through our Instagram Live with A.Vogel’s medical advisor, Owen Wiseman  - continue learning more about strengthening your immune system through there!

What Exactly is The Immune System?

Your immune system is a complex apparatus that battles viruses, germs, and fungus from invading your body. This mechanism has the ability to eliminate cancer cells. Several actors are involved in this work: white cells, which are defense cells of various types that circulate in the blood; cells with defensive capacity that are in the tissues and do not circulate; and substances or biochemical mediators, which are used directly against invaders or as warning and control messages.

In other words, we have a highly specialized army that employs a wide range of weaponry as well as a sophisticated reconnaissance, identification, and extermination system, all while being managed by a highly accurate information system.

Can this system be improved? It is not required to improve such a developed, complicated, tremendously effective, and comprehensive defense system. What we should do is let our immune system function normally without getting in the way.

Protecting Your System > Improving Your System

It is not required to improve such a developed, complicated, tremendously effective, and comprehensive defense system. What we should do is let our immune system function normally without getting in the way.

We can do this by distracting the defense system as little as possible. Consider the ambulances that respond to crises. If they begin to get more bogus calls on a particular day, it is evident that the system will begin to fail in its goal of properly responding to crises.

Similarly, the stress response created in reaction to events that we perceive to be harmful, whatever they may be, works to arouse alerts throughout the body and prioritize processes that allow for immediate physical defense in order to have alternatives to overcome or flee from danger. Keeping the body on constant alert depletes and distracts the immune defense system. But what if our alarm systems are set off by mortgage payments, my neighbor's attitude, or simply viewing the red news?

The solution is to persuade our bodies that everything is alright by using our senses to send a message to lessen the alert. The senses are used to produce these comforting signals. The five senses were designed with this goal in mind: to inform the body. They all serve a purpose.

Employing Your Senses to Serve Your System

Everything we see must be viewed in the context of a harmonious landscape. Nature's blue and green colours are quite soothing, and if you can't go for a stroll, consider looking at landscape images. 

You must enjoy the fragrances and aromas that we like the most. Those are the ones that are effective, and we may test them while resting or relaxing.

Use the sense of touch by taking a hot shower and enjoying the fall of water, resting in a bathtub, strolling on the warm floor, or getting a body massage.

For taste, we can experiment with various fruits, veggies, and nuts. We want to convey to the body that there is both diversity and sufficiency. Trying different scents of tea works extremely well. 

The ear is not as demanding. Nature sounds, such as pouring water, birds, or low frequencies obtained just by browsing the internet, will do the job. Along with that, listening to instrumental music that calms our body down is beneficial in relaxing the body after a long day.

Below are some general tips that use two or more of the senses. Take deep breaths while going outside, and dance to music that you enjoy and that thrills you. Remember that sensory stimulation should be done every day for at least 15 minutes and on a consistent basis. 

Looking for Other Ways to Strengthen Your Immune System?

Join our PromptHealth community, where you can learn about all your options for immune health and learn directly from the knowledge shared by all types of wellness professionals. If you are a health and wellness provider, join today and start sharing and collaborating with other professionals. Start sharing your content on one universal platform, and begin building your online presence along with your holistic practice. Check it out for yourself at www.prompthealth.ca and download the PromptHealth app on iOS and Android. Share this information with your colleagues and tag @prompthealth. 

Connect and stay engaged with your wellness community.

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3 Snow Shoveling Solutions to Combat Your Back Pain
4mins read

3 Snow Shoveling Solutions to Combat Your Back Pain

January has come again, and this time of year often brings frigid temperatures and a healthy amount of snow. Whether you shovel or snow blow, the process of clearing snow is not an easy task, and you are often left feeling like you have done a full workout. Back pain is a common side effect caused by shoveling snow, and when winter lasts as long as it can here in Canada, it is important to know how you can get help.

Effects of Shoveling On Your Back

For what seems like a simple task, shoveling actually places a lot of stress on the body. First and foremost, you are lifting a lot of weight with your shovel. Six inches of snow covering a standard double driveway can carry a weight of up to 1,500 pounds! A single shovel load can weigh up to 25 pounds, which is a lot of weight being moved and a lot of stress on your back. Repeated movements and twisting your body can cause pain as well, not to mention the added strain caused by extreme temperatures. Essentially, shoveling snow is a very common cause of back pain. But you have to shovel, so what can you do to ease your back pain?

The Solution: Pick for Yourself!

Well, the good news is that you have options! 

  1. Exercise is one great way to combat back pain. From strength training to yoga, the options are limitless. Dr. Marc Bijman, Doctor of Chiropractic, discussed with us the benefits of exercise and how it can combat back pain. 

“Although there are numerous types of exercise that are meant to strengthen your core and prevent further back pain, it is so much more important to be consistent with getting physical exercise in than specific exercises that are only done once or twice and then forgotten about after. For most people, they don’t get enough strength training in their day to day. Strengthening is the most effective, as we are building the muscle mass to maintain a healthy aging versus short term relief through stretching.”

Along with strength training, Dr. Kristie Griffiths tells us more about using yoga to heal musculo-skeletal conditions in our podcast: 

Movement is extremely helpful to managing back pain. Beyond that, there’s a level of mindfulness that comes with reducing stress - which is a huge indicator of back pain. What’s great about the yoga practice is that it combines the physical approach while also addressing the mental space that can create physical problems in the body.”

2. Complimentary Care is a combination of multiple modalities; which can include physical therapy, chiropractic care, massage therapy, and acupuncture. Physical therapies can offer an alternative to over-the-counter remedies, and provide longer-lasting relief through the use of a personalized regimen. Chiropractic care can provide huge pain relief and a wide range of benefits. 

3. Conservative care is also known as traditional care; which includes pain medications and topical treatments. These solutions may provide temporary relief, but the pain often returns after a while. The best solutions to back pain are consistent, to strengthen your back for the future.

Our blog gives some options that are out there when it comes to back pain, but this is in no way an exhaustive list. Remember that you have options when it comes to your healthcare, and the best way to find the right care is to investigate everything that is out there. 

What other solutions can you think of to solve back pain? Join our PromptHealth community, where you can share your knowledge, inter-refer, and connect with other health professionals. Start sharing your content on one universal platform, and begin building your online presence along with your holistic practice. Check it out for yourself at www.prompthealth.ca and download the PromptHealth app on iOS and Android. Share this information with your colleagues and tag @prompthealth. 

How Will We Navigate 2022? The Answer: Positivity
5mins read

How Will We Navigate 2022? The Answer: Positivity

Where did 2021 go?

Another calendar year has come and gone, and in 2021 there were difficult times for all of us, but 2022 marks a new beginning. The word for 2021 truly was resilience. In a year with so many unforeseen circumstances, it was difficult for many people to find motivation or positivity in their situations, but it is through resilience that we braved the year and came out stronger at the end. It is difficult to not be overwhelmed by the constant news and statistics being broadcast, and it has definitely taken a lot of resilience to remain positive when there is so much negativity going on.

What Happened in 2021?

If your memories of 2021 are a blur right now, you are definitely not alone. It may not have been the most exciting year for many of us, but we have learned a lot from our experiences over the past 12 months. The truth is, there were a lot of great accomplishments made in the past year! 

For starters, Covid-19 vaccinations were made available in 2021. Currently, more than 8.47 billion vaccinations have been administered, making this the largest mass vaccination campaign in history. The speed and efficacy of the vaccine rollout have been a remarkable accomplishment! 

Here at PromptHealth, there have also been some great accomplishments! As of 2021, we have created a community of over 15,000 members across different social media platforms, and PromptHealth has evolved majorly to support this ever-growing community. We launched PromptHealth 2.0, started virtual meet and greet events, and so much more. We had a lot of growth in 2021, and we look forward to continuing this growth in 2022!

So, What is the Word for 2022?

The hard truth is: the pandemic is not over yet, and that in itself is a disheartening way to start the new year. It took a lot of resilience in 2021 to get through the negativity, but it can be difficult to look at the bright side of things when bad news gets the most coverage. It is so easy to get lost in negativity, to feel sorry for yourself or others, and to become pessimistic about life in general when negativity is all around us. In a time when positivity is hard to come by, positivity is what we need most. 

And that is the word for 2022: Positivity. The past nearly two years have been draining for everyone, and it is difficult for anyone to stay positive for that long, but it is amazing how much positive thinking can change your outlook on life and your situation. Of course, the situation of the world right now is not necessarily positive, but it is in this scenario that positive thinking will have the biggest impact. The pandemic has made so many of us pessimistic. Here at PromptHealth, we believe the challenge and goal of this year is to find positivity in everything. 

It can be difficult to change your mindset like this, but it truly is a form of self-care to look at the positive side of everything instead of the negative. Our featured speaker on the PromptHealth podcast says it best: 

“Trust that nothing is permanent… our ability to shift and adapt has nothing to do with what’s going on outside of us, but it can absolutely contribute to the discomfort.” 

With this mindset, it is easier for us to look forward to things, and also to appreciate what we have and are able to do, no matter how big or small. It is our responsibility to make these good things known! Along with positivity, Azra Citak, Counselor and Psychiatric Nurse mention mindfulness as another factor in taking care of oneself and celebrating all the accomplishments of 2022. 

“Something everyone could do is mindfulness. With all that negative thinking about the future, it’s very seldom for us to think about the current moment. When we get swept up in things, it can be easy for us to think about those negative thoughts and have them impact everyone around us. Mindfulness brings us back to the center, and there are different ways of practicing that. It can be through meditation, breathing, music, and so much more.” 

At PromptHealth, we are so proud of the goals we have accomplished in the past year, and our goals for 2022 are even bigger! As our community grows more and more, we want to share our goals and accomplishments with you, and we want to hear your goals and accomplishments as well! So let’s celebrate all of our accomplishments, big and small. The world is still moving forward, and it is up to us to make it a positive place no matter what is going on around us. We are growing and learning, and it is amazing what we can do as a community, so let us bring lots of positivity to whatever 2022 has to offer. 

Share with us what you are looking forward to accomplishing in 2022! 

Join our PromptHealth community and reach out to us if you’d like to collaborate! You can find us on Instagram, LinkedIn, ClubHouse, TikTok, Spotify/Apple Music, and YouTube. Check us out for yourself at www.prompthealth.ca and be sure to download the PromptHealth app on iOS and Android

Alexa Jackson

Our relationship with our body (i.e.. our health) is one of the most important relationships we will ever have.   ⁠My desire is to help women reconnect with their bodies, overcome emotional eating and heal their relationship with food. This is why I have created the Empowered Eating Program!⁠   For more information, head to...   www.alexathedietitian.com/empoweredeating

Finding the Right Provider: Make or Break Your Health Journey
6mins read

Finding the Right Provider: Make or Break Your Health Journey

Categories of Care and Their Modalities 

Choosing the right provider can make or break your health, but finding “the one” isn’t as simple as a Google search or asking around. Everyone’s specific needs are different, and there are dozens of types of health and wellness providers, each with subcategories and areas they specialize in. On top of conventional care, there are tons of complementary care options to help create a holistic treatment system for wellness seekers. For example, someone seeking care for their mental health might benefit from a psychiatrist, counsellor, therapist, or psychologist. Think it sounds simple enough? Think again.

Within these categories, there are specific modalities. Finding the best care for yourself means deciding on a practitioner after learning of all your options.  Josette Steele, a Clinical Counsellor who offers Art Therapy, finds it important that people receive personalized care.

“As a Clinical Counsellor, Art Therapist, Substance Misuse Counsellor, Life Coach, EFT, and Reiki practitioner, I am able to draw from many different directions so, together, we can build a healing plan that fits your specific need, goals, and visions for the future”   

  • Josette Steel MA, DVATI, Certified A&D Counsellor

As a lesser common modality, people who may truly benefit from it are not always aware that art therapy even exists. This acts as a barrier from them receiving care that works best for their specific needs. 

“Art therapy is a therapeutic modality. When we create art, we have a new language that many of us are not as familiar with as the one that we normally speak day in and day out. That allows our psyche or internal process to bypass all those walls and all those barriers and walls that we put up with language when we are so used to speaking” 

  • Josette Steel MA, DVATI, Certified A&D Counsellor

Personalized care matters for more than just mental health, too. People seeking care for their physical health have a plethora of options depending on their specific case. For example, someone who is pregnant or a new mom will need care that focuses on pre and postnatal treatment methods.   

"[the] pandemic has been really hard on new moms, not getting enough sleep, not eating properly and not having enough time to exercise. Making yourself a priority and addressing both your physical and mental health is important". 

  • Jesse Bennet, @mightymoms, episode 31 of PromptHealth podcast

Postpartum care is offered by many different practitioners, such as trainers, dieticians, chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists. It all depends on what your health goal or concern is and what stage of life you are at. 

Challenges in Finding the Right Provider  

Founder of PromptHealth, Hedieh Safiyari, understands this struggle first-hand. Growing up as an athlete, Hedieh found out at a young age that she was suffering from nerve damage after returning home from a biking trip. 

“That was just the beginning of my personal health struggle. I had to go from one therapist to another trying to find a treatment that would help me.”

Hedieh was told by her primary physician that she needed an MRI, but there was a two-year waitlist just to schedule the appointment. She was told to just focus on physical rehabilitation in the meantime.

“To find relief, I ended up finding and working with a team of people including a physiotherapist, chiropractor, and exercise therapist. After two years of therapy, I finally felt normal again.” 

Years after this personal struggle, Hedieh witnessed her mother go through a similar but much more intense experience. Her mom was diagnosed with two different types of cancers, both needing different types of care. 

“We were left on our own to find this care, and spent valuable time on a journey of trial and error. After going through what felt like dozens of options - from nutritionists to occupational therapists - we finally found treatments that worked for what she needed.” 

Shortly after, Hedieh ended up starting her career working as a clinician at one of the Canadian pioneers of private healthcare. She personally was trained to work with cardiac rehab patients, but the services offered at the clinic were diverse.

“We had dieticians who were trained to work with people with diabetes, even trainers who could see new moms for pre and post-natal visits, wellness coaches who could help patients with accountability, physiotherapists who were specialized in concussions, vestibular rehab, pelvic floor therapists, and more. We helped our members with all these services, but I quickly realized most people did not even know these services existed, and thought their care options were limited.” 

Even Hedieh and her coworkers, professionals who worked at a clinic, had a hard time finding these services outside of their own center for patients who were not local but requested their help. Their referral system was limited to the people they knew in their geographical area, which consisted of a small list of people within the network or providers they found through a Google search - which consisted of a time consuming credibility check through online reviews, a system they knew was ineffective.

The Solution 

So how do people find the perfect provider? Until now, there has been no easy method that provides consumers access to all of their options - traditional conventional healthcare, and complementary care - which is a huge barrier to providing people access to holistic care. There are many different types of practitioners, such as energy healers, chiropractors, acupuncturists, osteopaths, and of course, medical doctors that are experts in functional or lifestyle medicine, all providing services people are not aware of. 

PromptHealth is the only platform where people can find their individualized options and learn directly from vetted wellness providers by expert-created content. The platform is helping people learn about individualized options for in-person and virtual care based on a network of vetted wellness providers who provide informative content about their practice and specialty to help consumers make better decisions about their wellness.

Find the perfect care and provider today using PromptHealth. Download the mobile app on iOS and Android devices. 

Donna Cross

Refer A Friend Special! Good until 3/31/22! Refer a friend to receive a Reiki healing session with me and you may choose a Reiki session FOR ANY AMOUNT OF TIME where YOU SET THE PRICE! I would be honored to be of service!

Wrapping Up & Reflecting: PromptHealth 2021
5mins read

Wrapping Up & Reflecting: PromptHealth 2021

What a year it’s been! With another crazy, unpredictable year in the books, the Canadian platform PromptHealth remains dedicated to helping people navigate the changes by listening to wellness providers and giving a platform for them to share their expertise. 

What Happened In 2021? 

After launching in 2020 and growing our platform, we decided that there was still more to be done to give individuals a safe and easy platform to seek wellness professionals. In 2021, we launched PromptHealth 2.0. Like Twitter for wellness, PromptHealth 2.0 was designed and updated to make it a one-stop-shop for individuals to directly interact with wellness providers. We added new features for providers to share content; such as voice memos, texts, articles, and event sharing. The priority is for users to discover, learn, and connect with the providers before they seek care.

We’ve launched Virtual Meet & Greet events that give us an opportunity to engage with our providers twice a month and give them tips on optimizing their platform through PromptHealth. PromptHealth’s online academy has also launched; a tool designed for providers looking to create content for the Community page and don’t know where to start. 

We’ve gained over 15,000 members across our social platforms, and we’re only looking to grow even further in 2022. What started off on Instagram has now expanded to five different platforms, and we are excited to meet others with the same mission and values as us.  We continue to have ongoing conversations with health experts, and strengthen our relationship through features on Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Clubhouse, our podcasts, and Instagram Live.

Why Did We Make These Updates?

Everyone’s wellness journey is different, and their preferences are unique to that individual. We know that this isn’t a linear path, and PromptHealth’s mission is to make that path easier to navigate. In our podcast featuring Louis Alloro, the Co-Founder of The Change Lab, one of the first in the world to attain a UPenn Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) degree, and a senior fellow at the Center for the Advancement of Wellbeing, he mentions the awareness that’s needed in order to effectively create a positive change. 

“There are so many strategies [to contribute to wellbeing]. The internet is not short of opportunities for people. We need to be listening to what our bodies need, and what’s important for your body is going to be different from mine, and that’s okay! These strategies include being creative and letting myself get the proper rest.” 

The overwhelming amount of content on the internet also puts strain on wellness providers, who now have to compete for attention among millions of non-certified individuals sharing their opinions. Googling symptoms and trusting websites without a vetted professional supporting the research is not enough nowadays, and PromptHealth is combatting that problem by updating the platform to make it easy to share trusted information with users. We continue to emphasize the holistic approach, which allows individuals to see that there are 10 solutions for every problem, not just one. PromptHealth 2.0 is all about managing the information providers share online and making it easier and more personal.

What’s Next for 2022?

One thing is for certain, PromptHealth is not stopping at 2.0. There is so much potential for growth for our platform and we are more than ready to implement the necessary adjustments that will make it easier for our wellness seekers and providers. As we enter another unpredictable year, our guest speaker, Bryce Wylde, is one of the top functional medicine experts in Canada, TV host and medical advisor to Dr.Oz. He shared some helpful tips about strengthening your brain and body during this time.

“Challenging yourself to the point of discomfort in short intervals throughout the day will help in managing this experience.”

There’s no ‘tried and true' solution to managing the pandemic, the same way there aren’t any ubiquitous solutions for wellness. However, Bryce believes that pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones a little each day stimulates our brains in a way that reminds us of our strength and resilience as individuals. The pandemic has made us all feel like we are in limbo, and it’s time to challenge ourselves. We’re ready to feel challenged, to step out of our own comfort zones, and to tackle all the new things that 2022 throws at us. 

The best part? We’re ready to do it all with you. Our mission always comes back to those embarking on their wellness journey, and we are prepared to guide wellness seekers to find the best options through the providers on PromptHealth. Thank you for your ongoing support throughout 2021, and we can't wait to continue in 2022. We look forward to paving the way to the future of wellness, together. 

Join us on this series as we share on all of our channels, including our PromptHealth Community, IG, and YouTube! Check it out for yourself at www.prompthealth.ca and be sure to download the PromptHealth app on iOS and Android

How to create Voice Memo using App

How to create Voice Memo using App

How to create post with Image or Text using App

How to create post with Image or Text using App

PromptHealth's Sip & Learn - Virtual Meet & Greet

PromptHealth's Sip & Learn - Virtual Meet & Greet

  • Virtual event
  • 2021/12/17 03:00 AM - 2021/12/17 03:30 AM (your local time)

Grab a cup of coffee or tea and enjoy a chat with other wellness providers and the PromptHealth team. Share your thoughts on the various difficulties that the wellness industry is facing while learning about content creation and how you can optimize your page to post meaningful content on the web.

To register go to https://hopin.com/events/virtual-meet-greet

Wellness Together: Building an Engaged Community Through PromptHealth
4mins read

Wellness Together: Building an Engaged Community Through PromptHealth

PromptHealth’s mission is to connect wellness providers with each other and with wellness seekers. Reimagining the wellness journey for people is the root of what we do, and we want to close the gap that exists in the traditional healthcare system. From the messages we received, It was clear that wellness providers have been looking for a home to learn about each other, network, collaborate, educate, connect and inter-refer. PromptHealth makes that possible by letting providers share their knowledge through our extensive list of content creation features, such as blog posts, voice memos, and videos. All of these features are available on our community page, where you can view other provider content.

“It warms my heart to know that technology is being designed to reimagine the wellness journey and create safe spaces for different practitioners to connect, learn and share” -Daniella Le Gresley, @laughwithdani, Wellness Provider on PromptHealth

Revolutionary Platform for Wellness Providers

Before launching our new platform, we found that only 50% of health and wellness providers reported having a website, and only 2% reported being active on social media. The industry is fragmented with wellness providers inefficiently promoting themselves using outdated marketing tactics such as dropping business cards, printing brochures, or submitting an ad in the newspaper. As more and more businesses shift to online spaces to record their information, PromptHealth aims to make that shift easier for providers. We’ve built a strong online presence on all social channels that continuously provides educational content. We started off on Instagram, and now have over 15,000 members across five different social channels - plus, we’re consistently seeking to connect with more providers with similar values. We strengthen our relationship with providers through features on Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Clubhouse, our podcasts, and Instagram Live - where we have been having ongoing conversations with health experts. With our newly added content creation features, providers can connect with each other in familiar ways - like the Twitter of health and wellness.

Fostering a Community within PromptHealth

We want our providers to feel comfortable using PromptHealth, and to help new providers, we have created - and continue to grow - an online academy. This ongoing feature is to help our providers create content easily and effectively. Along with that, our team is hosting bi-monthly private and ongoing Instagram Lives live events to support our providers with content creation, helping them through the process step-by-step. If you are not following us yet, make sure you do so to stay updated! We’re building our community through these posts, and showing them that sharing their knowledge is easier than ever. 

“You have done an amazing job of bringing all of us together to create a community that will bring health and happiness, growth and tools to others lives, that so deserve it” -Jennifer Vauthrin @solutioncounselling on PromptHealth.

For Both Seekers and Providers

The world has changed, and it’s time to adapt to changing consumer needs. We are here to hold your hand and support you through this evolution. Finding like-minded providers is easier with PromptHealth, and our platform prioritizes holistic health options, so every seeker can find a solution. Check it out for yourself at www.prompthealth.ca and download the PromptHealth app on iOS and Android. Share this information with your colleagues and tag @prompthealth. 

Want to learn more and meet with our current community? Come to our next Provider meet and greet on Dec 16th! Sign up here.  

How to create educational articles

How to create educational articles

How to share your thought with voice

How to share your thought with voice

How to share your thought quickly

How to share your thought quickly

How to create your events

How to create your events

Physio, Chiro, Massage Therapy, or Osteopathy: What's Best for Me?
6mins read

Physio, Chiro, Massage Therapy, or Osteopathy: What's Best for Me?

When you’re in pain or want to improve your musculoskeletal functions, you want to find a solution that will work best for you. But do you truly know all of your options?

When people think of manual therapy - their mind often goes directly to massage therapy. However, physiotherapy, chiropractic care, manual osteopathy, and massage therapy are all great options that might work. But, how exactly do you know what type of manual therapy would work best?

This is a problem faced by many. You know that you need to find care, but aren’t sure what type of practitioner you need to see to get the most out of your treatment. Keep reading to learn a bit about the 4 different manual therapies, so you know exactly what practitioner will work best for you next time. 


Physiotherapists use a patient-centered approach to assess, treat, and manage pain, injuries, movement dysfunction, and chronic conditions. Specific conditions that physiotherapists can help alleviate include neck and back pain caused by problems in the muscles and skeleton, problems in the bones joints muscles and ligaments such as arthritis or the after effects of amputation, pelvic issues, loss of mobility due to trauma of the brain or spine, and even fatigue, pain, swelling, stiffness, or loss of muscle strength - for example during cancer treatment or palliative care.

As licensed healthcare professionals, physiotherapists use an evidence-informed knowledge of areas such as rehabilitation sciences,anatomy, kinesiology and physiology. Most physiotherapists work with clients of all ages and a wide range of health conditions. However, there are many physiotherapists who undergo additional training and education to specialize in a specific area. 

For example, there are pediatric physiotherapists who work with infants and children to improve the growth and development of the child, both physically and mentally. There are physiotherapists who specialize in female health and work to relieve pain for pregnant women or promote a controlled childbirth, strengthen the pelvic floor, or general core strengthening. Geriatric physiotherapists help with restoring mobility, strength, and endurance, or reducing chronic pain, improving bad posture and improving overall health and fitness. Neurological physiotherapists help with conditions relating to the nervous system - helping to rebuild neural pathways, improving motor control, balance, hand-to-eye coordination, and more sensation. Sports physiotherapists deal entirely with athletes and sports professionals to encourage healthy techniques to prevent injury, and also help with progressive injury management. 

These are just a few - but it goes to show there are dozens of options out there even just within the field of physiotherapy. 

Chiropractic Care

Chiropractors are experts in the spine, muscle, joint, and nervous systems, and are trained to evaluate, diagnose, recommend, and deliver a treatment plan. Chiropractic care involves the strategic manipulation of the spine, joints, and soft tissues to help correct the body’s alignment, which can reduce pain and improve overall physical function.  

Specific conditions that chiropractors can help with include back pain caused by sprains or strains, cervicogenic headaches, degenerative disc disease, herniated disks, myofascial pain, sciatica, whiplash, arthritis, pain associated with diabetes and more. 

Chiropractors will use different therapy methods depending on the specific patient and their needs, but common treatments include manual, hands-on therapy, soft tissue therapy, electronic modalities such as therapeutic ultrasound and cold laser therapy, and exercise programs. Manual manipulation is the most common treatment, consisting of a chiropractor adjusting your spine or other joints using their hands to apply controlled force. This action restores the joints natural movement and improves function. 

Manual Osteopathy 

Manual osteopathic practitioners focus on therapy to help reduce strains, stress, and dysfunction in all areas of the body. Specific conditions that manual osteopathy can help alleviate include back and neck pain, tension headaches and migraines, sports injuries or motor vehicle accident injuries, carpal tunnel, plantars fasciitis, digestive issues, stress, anxiety, and depression and so much more.

Taking a more holistic approach, they focus on how the skeleton, joints, muscles, nerves, circulation, and connective tissue as well as organs function as one unit. This aspect is what makes manual osteopathy so interesting, it acts on the musculoskeletal framework, which impacts many of the body's systems and organs rather than just one. Manual osteopathic practitioners manipulate alignment of muscles, bones, and joints, to help remove obstructions throughout the body which can help fluids such as blood and lymph flow easily.

When it comes to techniques, there are four common techniques that you might experience during a manual osteopathic treatment.  The first is visceral manipulation, which works on specifically your organs. It helps align organs to make sure that they're in the proper place which can help keep them functioning at their best. The next is advanced myofascial release. Overtime, depending on different health conditions, connective tissues in your body can become tight and tense. This type of therapy helps connective tissue in your body to relax and go back to its natural state. The third is osteoarticular manipulation. This type of therapy focuses on aligning the joints and bones of the body to help decrease pain and attention, and also increase Mobility. Finally, the fourth is craniosacral therapy. This type of therapy uses subtle, light touches to help align the skull and vertebrae at the bottom of your spine.

Massage Therapy

Massage therapists use soft and deep tissue manual therapy to help relieve muscle tension and stress. Generally, massage therapists will press, rub, and strategically manipulate the muscles and other soft tissues of the body as treatment. All those specific techniques depend on the practitioner, you will often see massage therapists use their hands and fingers as primary schools, but you might also see them use their forearms and elbows.  The focus of Massage Therapy is to Target Pacific myofascial trigger points, or muscle “knots.” 

Massage therapy can be used for a variety of health and wellness-related purposes. The most common is to relieve pain, but it can also be used to rehabilitate sports injuries, and also interestingly to reduce stress, increase relaxation, address anxiety and depression, and help with overall wellness. Massage therapy can also be used as a preventative therapy to help prevent pain and injury, or help with performance improvement by increasing blood circulation. 

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PromptHealth Hosts: The Future of Wellness

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What Do You Know About Functional and Integrative Medicine?
4mins read

What Do You Know About Functional and Integrative Medicine?

A common misconception about medicine is that it always has to be treated with medicine from a chemical compound or conventional methods. Realistically, medicine and healing can come in natural forms; such as Functional Medicine and Integrative Medicine. 

Functional Medicine

In an interview on the PromptHealth podcast, Dr. Jill Carnahan, who specializes in functional medicine, explained that "there is no disease that is hopeless.” She experienced two major illnesses that were considered life threatening and overcame both of them using functional medicine. Alternatively referred to as “root-cause” medicine, functional medicine is focused on finding the root issue that’s causing a patient’s symptoms. This medicine model uses the understanding of the human body, genetics, and other external factors to identify and treat the underlying causes of illness. Rather than focusing on suppressing and managing the symptoms, Functional Medicine practitioners aim to understand the “upstream” issue causing the “downstream” symptoms. 

Putting that definition to example, approaching a diagnosis of depression from a functional medicine perspective will involve the assessment of factors such as:

  • Inflammation
  • Nutritional deficiencies
  • Hormone imbalances
  • Exposure to toxins and heavy metals
  • Gut health

Functional Medicine aims to go directly to the root issues and move from there. On the other hand, conventional medicine typically diagnoses the present symptoms and attempts to treat it through suppression. Functional Medicine is an emerging field in healthcare through it’s approach at understanding each patient on an individual level. Another emerging field of healthcare is Integrative Medicine.

Integrative Medicine

The Integrative Medicine Model seeks to treat individuals from a holistic standpoint. It emphasizes the therapeutic relationship between practitioner and patient, using an appropriate evaluation of each patient as a whole - physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Integrative medicine “integrates” all areas of well-being as a way to optimize your health. Practitioners and patients are considered partners in the healing process, working together to create a personalized treatment plan. This plan can consist of a variety of modalities and other lifestyle changes to enhance healing and restore balance in the patient’s life. The medical practice focuses on the belief that treating the mind and spirit along with the body gives the ability to restore and optimize health in a more meaningful and long lasting way. 

Which one is better?

Luckily enough, patients don’t necessarily have to pick and choose between Functional and Integrative medicine. Both medicine models embrace the same philosophy of treating patients on an individual level and that true healing requires personalized solutions. Many practitioners merge these medicine models together and use them in their practice to achieve the health patients deserve.  

Interested in personalized health care?

If you’re looking to find custom solutions tailored for your health, you need to seek trusted practitioners who can provide the information you need. PromptHealth is a platform that allows these holistic health and wellness professionals to share their information and knowledge on their practice. They provide an innovative platform for people to learn about different approaches to health and wellness, and even provides the option to connect with experts before deciding which practitioner you want to work with. As Integrative and Functional medicine models keep growing, PromptHealth is there for you to explore and learn all the options available. You can use PromptHealth on desktop or through our mobile app on iOS and Android.

If you are a health and wellness practitioner, join PromptHealth and enjoy the new features on the platform that allow you to educate the community on holistic care. If you are a health seeker, discover, learn, and connect on PromptHealth. Together, let’s spread the word on holistic care.

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