Mental health has been a wellness topic for years now, but with the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, there’s been a surge of citizens struggling with maintaining their health in all aspects. Although there is an emphasis to stay healthy physically, the anxiety and stress caused by isolation have left us emphasizing the maintenance of all aspects of our wellness. On the surface level, people perceive mental disorders to simply be depression or anxiety, but it is so much more than that. The brain is a complex and confusing organ and there are a limitless amount of things that have yet to be uncovered by medical professionals. While we could sit and worry about our mental health deteriorating, we could also take the steps to take care of ourselves and establish a positive relationship with our minds.  

You Are Never Alone

According to a poll from the Angus Reid Institute, one in three Canadians are struggling with their mental health induced by the pandemic. This struggle looks like frequent exhaustion and increasing trauma, as more people feel symptoms of fatigue, frustration, and anxiety. This struggle is not an individual one - millions of Canadians and even more across the world are suffering from their mental health. Pandemic or not, it’s important to remember that there is always someone ready to listen to you. You do not need to be feeling severe symptoms all the time in order to seek professional help. Even realizing you feel off-balance in your life and needing to reach out to someone to share your feelings might be enough to feel healthier and build on that relationship with your mental health.

What Can I Do to Maintain a Healthy Mind? 

We only have one brain, so it is important to maintain a positive relationship with ourselves and our thoughts. Positive mental health allows us to cope with stresses healthily, work at our fullest potential, be productive, and make meaningful contributions to our community. There are various ways to maintain a healthy mind, but it starts with the way we talk to ourselves. Ivan Joseph shares the importance of self-talk in his TED talk.

“We know that our thoughts influence actions, why do we want to say that negative self-talk to ourselves? We need to get our own self-affirmations.”

Joseph reminds us of the importance that positive self-affirmation within ourselves is crucial to building a healthy mind. Outside of the brain, it is important to get enough sleep, eat healthily, and stay physically active in order to maintain a healthy mind. Establishing a routine that consists of writing our affirmations, daily exercise, and meals at set times can help create a healthy space for you to nurture your body and mind. 

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As social beings, we all face a sense of isolation and loneliness throughout this pandemic. This shouldn’t stop you from seeking help. There are hundreds of solutions out there, and it’s important to remember that what works for others might not work for you. Perhaps a reiki session might help you better than a traditional approach, or changing your diet through the guidance of a nutritionist rather than consuming prescribed medications. These are just a few of the possibilities that healing consists of - do not be afraid to find it!

What Resources Can I Turn To?

If you are looking for guidance and different tools for your mental health, check out the CDC Mental Health Tools and Resources page. If you are looking for potential providers to turn to, PromptHealth has over 200 providers on the platform ready to assist you with your concerns. On PromptHealth, you can learn more about all of the options available for your needs, and connect with healthcare providers that can help you to care for yourself in every way possible. 

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