Where did 2021 go?

Another calendar year has come and gone, and in 2021 there were difficult times for all of us, but 2022 marks a new beginning. The word for 2021 truly was resilience. In a year with so many unforeseen circumstances, it was difficult for many people to find motivation or positivity in their situations, but it is through resilience that we braved the year and came out stronger at the end. It is difficult to not be overwhelmed by the constant news and statistics being broadcast, and it has definitely taken a lot of resilience to remain positive when there is so much negativity going on.

What Happened in 2021?

If your memories of 2021 are a blur right now, you are definitely not alone. It may not have been the most exciting year for many of us, but we have learned a lot from our experiences over the past 12 months. The truth is, there were a lot of great accomplishments made in the past year! 

For starters, Covid-19 vaccinations were made available in 2021. Currently, more than 8.47 billion vaccinations have been administered, making this the largest mass vaccination campaign in history. The speed and efficacy of the vaccine rollout have been a remarkable accomplishment! 

Here at PromptHealth, there have also been some great accomplishments! As of 2021, we have created a community of over 15,000 members across different social media platforms, and PromptHealth has evolved majorly to support this ever-growing community. We launched PromptHealth 2.0, started virtual meet and greet events, and so much more. We had a lot of growth in 2021, and we look forward to continuing this growth in 2022!

So, What is the Word for 2022?

The hard truth is: the pandemic is not over yet, and that in itself is a disheartening way to start the new year. It took a lot of resilience in 2021 to get through the negativity, but it can be difficult to look at the bright side of things when bad news gets the most coverage. It is so easy to get lost in negativity, to feel sorry for yourself or others, and to become pessimistic about life in general when negativity is all around us. In a time when positivity is hard to come by, positivity is what we need most. 

And that is the word for 2022: Positivity. The past nearly two years have been draining for everyone, and it is difficult for anyone to stay positive for that long, but it is amazing how much positive thinking can change your outlook on life and your situation. Of course, the situation of the world right now is not necessarily positive, but it is in this scenario that positive thinking will have the biggest impact. The pandemic has made so many of us pessimistic. Here at PromptHealth, we believe the challenge and goal of this year is to find positivity in everything. 

It can be difficult to change your mindset like this, but it truly is a form of self-care to look at the positive side of everything instead of the negative. Our featured speaker on the PromptHealth podcast says it best: 

“Trust that nothing is permanent… our ability to shift and adapt has nothing to do with what’s going on outside of us, but it can absolutely contribute to the discomfort.” 

With this mindset, it is easier for us to look forward to things, and also to appreciate what we have and are able to do, no matter how big or small. It is our responsibility to make these good things known! Along with positivity, Azra Citak, Counselor and Psychiatric Nurse mention mindfulness as another factor in taking care of oneself and celebrating all the accomplishments of 2022. 

“Something everyone could do is mindfulness. With all that negative thinking about the future, it’s very seldom for us to think about the current moment. When we get swept up in things, it can be easy for us to think about those negative thoughts and have them impact everyone around us. Mindfulness brings us back to the center, and there are different ways of practicing that. It can be through meditation, breathing, music, and so much more.” 

At PromptHealth, we are so proud of the goals we have accomplished in the past year, and our goals for 2022 are even bigger! As our community grows more and more, we want to share our goals and accomplishments with you, and we want to hear your goals and accomplishments as well! So let’s celebrate all of our accomplishments, big and small. The world is still moving forward, and it is up to us to make it a positive place no matter what is going on around us. We are growing and learning, and it is amazing what we can do as a community, so let us bring lots of positivity to whatever 2022 has to offer. 

Share with us what you are looking forward to accomplishing in 2022! 

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