Categories of Care and Their Modalities 

Choosing the right provider can make or break your health, but finding “the one” isn’t as simple as a Google search or asking around. Everyone’s specific needs are different, and there are dozens of types of health and wellness providers, each with subcategories and areas they specialize in. On top of conventional care, there are tons of complementary care options to help create a holistic treatment system for wellness seekers. For example, someone seeking care for their mental health might benefit from a psychiatrist, counsellor, therapist, or psychologist. Think it sounds simple enough? Think again.

Within these categories, there are specific modalities. Finding the best care for yourself means deciding on a practitioner after learning of all your options.  Josette Steele, a Clinical Counsellor who offers Art Therapy, finds it important that people receive personalized care.

“As a Clinical Counsellor, Art Therapist, Substance Misuse Counsellor, Life Coach, EFT, and Reiki practitioner, I am able to draw from many different directions so, together, we can build a healing plan that fits your specific need, goals, and visions for the future”   

  • Josette Steel MA, DVATI, Certified A&D Counsellor

As a lesser common modality, people who may truly benefit from it are not always aware that art therapy even exists. This acts as a barrier from them receiving care that works best for their specific needs. 

“Art therapy is a therapeutic modality. When we create art, we have a new language that many of us are not as familiar with as the one that we normally speak day in and day out. That allows our psyche or internal process to bypass all those walls and all those barriers and walls that we put up with language when we are so used to speaking” 

  • Josette Steel MA, DVATI, Certified A&D Counsellor

Personalized care matters for more than just mental health, too. People seeking care for their physical health have a plethora of options depending on their specific case. For example, someone who is pregnant or a new mom will need care that focuses on pre and postnatal treatment methods.   

"[the] pandemic has been really hard on new moms, not getting enough sleep, not eating properly and not having enough time to exercise. Making yourself a priority and addressing both your physical and mental health is important". 

  • Jesse Bennet, @mightymoms, episode 31 of PromptHealth podcast

Postpartum care is offered by many different practitioners, such as trainers, dieticians, chiropractors, massage therapists, acupuncturists. It all depends on what your health goal or concern is and what stage of life you are at. 

Challenges in Finding the Right Provider  

Founder of PromptHealth, Hedieh Safiyari, understands this struggle first-hand. Growing up as an athlete, Hedieh found out at a young age that she was suffering from nerve damage after returning home from a biking trip. 

“That was just the beginning of my personal health struggle. I had to go from one therapist to another trying to find a treatment that would help me.”

Hedieh was told by her primary physician that she needed an MRI, but there was a two-year waitlist just to schedule the appointment. She was told to just focus on physical rehabilitation in the meantime.

“To find relief, I ended up finding and working with a team of people including a physiotherapist, chiropractor, and exercise therapist. After two years of therapy, I finally felt normal again.” 

Years after this personal struggle, Hedieh witnessed her mother go through a similar but much more intense experience. Her mom was diagnosed with two different types of cancers, both needing different types of care. 

“We were left on our own to find this care, and spent valuable time on a journey of trial and error. After going through what felt like dozens of options - from nutritionists to occupational therapists - we finally found treatments that worked for what she needed.” 

Shortly after, Hedieh ended up starting her career working as a clinician at one of the Canadian pioneers of private healthcare. She personally was trained to work with cardiac rehab patients, but the services offered at the clinic were diverse.

“We had dieticians who were trained to work with people with diabetes, even trainers who could see new moms for pre and post-natal visits, wellness coaches who could help patients with accountability, physiotherapists who were specialized in concussions, vestibular rehab, pelvic floor therapists, and more. We helped our members with all these services, but I quickly realized most people did not even know these services existed, and thought their care options were limited.” 

Even Hedieh and her coworkers, professionals who worked at a clinic, had a hard time finding these services outside of their own center for patients who were not local but requested their help. Their referral system was limited to the people they knew in their geographical area, which consisted of a small list of people within the network or providers they found through a Google search - which consisted of a time consuming credibility check through online reviews, a system they knew was ineffective.

The Solution 

So how do people find the perfect provider? Until now, there has been no easy method that provides consumers access to all of their options - traditional conventional healthcare, and complementary care - which is a huge barrier to providing people access to holistic care. There are many different types of practitioners, such as energy healers, chiropractors, acupuncturists, osteopaths, and of course, medical doctors that are experts in functional or lifestyle medicine, all providing services people are not aware of. 

PromptHealth is the only platform where people can find their individualized options and learn directly from vetted wellness providers by expert-created content. The platform is helping people learn about individualized options for in-person and virtual care based on a network of vetted wellness providers who provide informative content about their practice and specialty to help consumers make better decisions about their wellness.

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