What a year it’s been! With another crazy, unpredictable year in the books, the Canadian platform PromptHealth remains dedicated to helping people navigate the changes by listening to wellness providers and giving a platform for them to share their expertise. 

What Happened In 2021? 

After launching in 2020 and growing our platform, we decided that there was still more to be done to give individuals a safe and easy platform to seek wellness professionals. In 2021, we launched PromptHealth 2.0. Like Twitter for wellness, PromptHealth 2.0 was designed and updated to make it a one-stop-shop for individuals to directly interact with wellness providers. We added new features for providers to share content; such as voice memos, texts, articles, and event sharing. The priority is for users to discover, learn, and connect with the providers before they seek care.

We’ve launched Virtual Meet & Greet events that give us an opportunity to engage with our providers twice a month and give them tips on optimizing their platform through PromptHealth. PromptHealth’s online academy has also launched; a tool designed for providers looking to create content for the Community page and don’t know where to start. 

We’ve gained over 15,000 members across our social platforms, and we’re only looking to grow even further in 2022. What started off on Instagram has now expanded to five different platforms, and we are excited to meet others with the same mission and values as us.  We continue to have ongoing conversations with health experts, and strengthen our relationship through features on Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Clubhouse, our podcasts, and Instagram Live.

Why Did We Make These Updates?

Everyone’s wellness journey is different, and their preferences are unique to that individual. We know that this isn’t a linear path, and PromptHealth’s mission is to make that path easier to navigate. In our podcast featuring Louis Alloro, the Co-Founder of The Change Lab, one of the first in the world to attain a UPenn Master of Applied Positive Psychology (MAPP) degree, and a senior fellow at the Center for the Advancement of Wellbeing, he mentions the awareness that’s needed in order to effectively create a positive change. 

“There are so many strategies [to contribute to wellbeing]. The internet is not short of opportunities for people. We need to be listening to what our bodies need, and what’s important for your body is going to be different from mine, and that’s okay! These strategies include being creative and letting myself get the proper rest.” 

The overwhelming amount of content on the internet also puts strain on wellness providers, who now have to compete for attention among millions of non-certified individuals sharing their opinions. Googling symptoms and trusting websites without a vetted professional supporting the research is not enough nowadays, and PromptHealth is combatting that problem by updating the platform to make it easy to share trusted information with users. We continue to emphasize the holistic approach, which allows individuals to see that there are 10 solutions for every problem, not just one. PromptHealth 2.0 is all about managing the information providers share online and making it easier and more personal.

What’s Next for 2022?

One thing is for certain, PromptHealth is not stopping at 2.0. There is so much potential for growth for our platform and we are more than ready to implement the necessary adjustments that will make it easier for our wellness seekers and providers. As we enter another unpredictable year, our guest speaker, Bryce Wylde, is one of the top functional medicine experts in Canada, TV host and medical advisor to Dr.Oz. He shared some helpful tips about strengthening your brain and body during this time.

“Challenging yourself to the point of discomfort in short intervals throughout the day will help in managing this experience.”

There’s no ‘tried and true' solution to managing the pandemic, the same way there aren’t any ubiquitous solutions for wellness. However, Bryce believes that pushing ourselves out of our comfort zones a little each day stimulates our brains in a way that reminds us of our strength and resilience as individuals. The pandemic has made us all feel like we are in limbo, and it’s time to challenge ourselves. We’re ready to feel challenged, to step out of our own comfort zones, and to tackle all the new things that 2022 throws at us. 

The best part? We’re ready to do it all with you. Our mission always comes back to those embarking on their wellness journey, and we are prepared to guide wellness seekers to find the best options through the providers on PromptHealth. Thank you for your ongoing support throughout 2021, and we can't wait to continue in 2022. We look forward to paving the way to the future of wellness, together. 

Join us on this series as we share on all of our channels, including our PromptHealth Community, IG, and YouTube! Check it out for yourself at www.prompthealth.ca and be sure to download the PromptHealth app on iOS and Android