PromptHealth’s mission is to connect wellness providers with each other and with wellness seekers. Reimagining the wellness journey for people is the root of what we do, and we want to close the gap that exists in the traditional healthcare system. From the messages we received, It was clear that wellness providers have been looking for a home to learn about each other, network, collaborate, educate, connect and inter-refer. PromptHealth makes that possible by letting providers share their knowledge through our extensive list of content creation features, such as blog posts, voice memos, and videos. All of these features are available on our community page, where you can view other provider content.

“It warms my heart to know that technology is being designed to reimagine the wellness journey and create safe spaces for different practitioners to connect, learn and share” -Daniella Le Gresley, @laughwithdani, Wellness Provider on PromptHealth

Revolutionary Platform for Wellness Providers

Before launching our new platform, we found that only 50% of health and wellness providers reported having a website, and only 2% reported being active on social media. The industry is fragmented with wellness providers inefficiently promoting themselves using outdated marketing tactics such as dropping business cards, printing brochures, or submitting an ad in the newspaper. As more and more businesses shift to online spaces to record their information, PromptHealth aims to make that shift easier for providers. We’ve built a strong online presence on all social channels that continuously provides educational content. We started off on Instagram, and now have over 15,000 members across five different social channels - plus, we’re consistently seeking to connect with more providers with similar values. We strengthen our relationship with providers through features on Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Clubhouse, our podcasts, and Instagram Live - where we have been having ongoing conversations with health experts. With our newly added content creation features, providers can connect with each other in familiar ways - like the Twitter of health and wellness.

Fostering a Community within PromptHealth

We want our providers to feel comfortable using PromptHealth, and to help new providers, we have created - and continue to grow - an online academy. This ongoing feature is to help our providers create content easily and effectively. Along with that, our team is hosting bi-monthly private and ongoing Instagram Lives live events to support our providers with content creation, helping them through the process step-by-step. If you are not following us yet, make sure you do so to stay updated! We’re building our community through these posts, and showing them that sharing their knowledge is easier than ever. 

“You have done an amazing job of bringing all of us together to create a community that will bring health and happiness, growth and tools to others lives, that so deserve it” -Jennifer Vauthrin @solutioncounselling on PromptHealth.

For Both Seekers and Providers

The world has changed, and it’s time to adapt to changing consumer needs. We are here to hold your hand and support you through this evolution. Finding like-minded providers is easier with PromptHealth, and our platform prioritizes holistic health options, so every seeker can find a solution. Check it out for yourself at and download the PromptHealth app on iOS and Android. Share this information with your colleagues and tag @prompthealth. 

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