The wellness social platform that means you don’t have to ask Google what your headache really means: PromptHealth 2.0

[VANCOUVER, BC] - Google search: back pain and nausea. Answer: you’re dying, call a doctor. Thanks to PromptHealth 2.0, there’s a safer and easier way to find the wellness help you need.

The Canadian wellness platform’s update makes them a leading one-stop-shop solely for individuals to directly interact with wellness providers. PromptHealth 2.0 allows users to discover, learn, and connect with wellness providers in user-friendly formats, including voice memos, texts, articles and events, before connecting with them. 

“Wellness isn’t one size fits all; it’s personal,” said Hedieh Safiyari, Founder of PromptHealth, MSC, MBA. 

“We empower people to choose the provider that suits their needs. Instead of trying to access an oversaturated and unverified library of information, users can search and engage with verified wellness professionals based on their specific needs.”

Time constraints and over-crowded social media platforms mean wellness providers have to compete for attention among millions of other, non-certified individuals sharing advice. 

After launching in 2020, PromptHealth has grown to over 500 providers across Canada committed to this community where wellness experts are given the space to share knowledge and engage. 

“Wellness professionals have previously lacked a way to interact with individuals beyond one-to-one appointments. PromptHealth 2.0 provides an easy and direct way for them to share information and engage on wellness concerns holistically -- considering body, mind, spirit and emotions.” Hedieh commented.

Hedieh spent over a decade with Copeman Healthcare before it became TELUS Health, and it confirmed a lack of something she had experienced firsthand: verified, suitable wellness help. As an athlete she faced her own issues finding the right holistic support, as did her mother through a long battle with cancer. A Google search didn’t cut it.

“From a survey of 100 individuals, we found that the biggest issue was misinformation. Users can find wellness information online, but how can they be sure it’s correct, and best suited for their symptoms? A holistic approach allows people to see that there are 10 solutions for every problem, not one.”

Over the past year, PromptHealth has amassed over 6k+ Instagram wellness-focused individuals, interviewed over 100 health providers on their podcast and Instagram Live, gained almost 4k subscribers on Youtube with 4 million views, and built an engaged health provider community on Linkedin.

Wellness providers are able to support and verify one another within the platform too. 

“We’ve heard from many wellness providers that this is the first time they’ve had a dedicated space to interact and learn from one another. This is more valuable than ever in our remote working world.”

The PromptHealth App is available on iOS and Android.


PromptHealth was created to solve the gap between people seeking preventative care, and the wellness providers who provide complementary solutions to traditional healthcare.

In a world where people seek health information online, PromptHealth enables trusted providers to share their knowledge and resources to those seeking wellness solutions, all in one place. Our app acts as a social platform that allows users to find and learn from wellness providers in whatever media format they prefer, including notes, voices, events, and articles.

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