More than 50 million people worldwide consider themselves creators. Tiktok alone has over 1 Billion users, with about 80% of accounts with an uploaded video. Nowadays, people can go online and find information on almost anything - beauty, finance, food, and even health care. The creator economy emerged from two societal shifts: professionals wanting to feel more fulfilled in their jobs and consumers expecting to be able to go online and find trusted information on topics that interest them, directly from the experts. 

When it comes to health and wellness information, there are concerns that this shift could lead to the misuse of social media and the spreading of inaccurate or even harmful information. This can misguide people into doing more harm than good to their wellness, which defeats the mission of what any vetted health and wellness provider wants. Misinformation can be trickier than we think to catch, and sometimes even the most careful among us can fall prey. As great of a tool as it can be, the internet and social media allows under-qualified individuals to provide information and advice on topics they may know nothing about. 

How can we help this?

Social media can benefit the pursuit of the health and wellness community if it is used effectively. Health and wellness providers can now leverage the power of social media to take part of the creator economy, sharing content based on their knowledge, so people receive their information from the experts rather than amateurs. Who better to learn from than providers in our local communities who are experts on their own personal wellness philosophy and practice? It’s important to not only learn about our health from the best, but also those who are also accessible to us for further support and treatment. 

Creating and sharing content can seem like a handful, especially for busy providers. Content creation is usually associated with energetic video clips, lengthy and time consuming captions, and  fancy editing - all of which can be intimidating. However, it doesn’t have to be as hard as it sounds. With so many tools available for content creation, providers can have quality content up for people to access in the matter of minutes. Living in the creator economy means learning how to use your skills and knowledge to bring in your audience and build your business. 

Here are a few quick and easy ways for health and wellness providers to create and share content:

  1. Recycle your knowledge in a sentence or two: As an expert, what seems obvious to you might not actually be common knowledge. Don’t underestimate your ability to share valuable content! Think of some quick facts or tips that you can summarize and post a status. 
  2. Use your voice: One of the quickest ways to share a thought is to simply say what’s on your mind. Record a voice memo sharing your knowledge - no text or images needed! 
  3. Repurpose resources: Write a brief blog or article compiling your favourite resources on a topic. It can be as simple as making a list of links to different sites you know as a professional can be trusted, and writing a few words on what each link contains. 

Though there are different social media platforms that each host a different type of media, there has been no single platform created solely for health and wellness - until now. PromptHealth allows vetted health and wellness providers to share content in a format that works best for them, whether it’s through text, voice notes, articles, images, or even online events.  People can trust the quality and integrity of content posted on PromptHealth, because the providers who are creating the content are vetted experts. 

If you are a health and wellness provider, who wants to share their knowledge and be a part of a community of educators and creators - join us and be one of the first to create content on