Stress management looks different for everyone

This past year has been extremely hard for all of us due to the pandemic. It has caused stress in all aspects, whether that be family, health or financial pressure. In addition, isolation and loneliness is not an easy thing to adapt to and has caused many of us to have heightened anxiety or to experience depression. I’m sure we are all acutely aware of these outcomes we’re facing, but did you know that prolonged stress with no relief actually weakens the immune system? 

Research shows that relaxation strengthens health so it is important to pause and take a step in the right direction when you notice you’re experiencing high levels of stress. 

Managing stress looks different for all of us. Here are some strategies:

-Being physically active

-Yoga, meditation and mindfulness practices

-Getting enough sleep: at least 7-8 hours 

-Maintaining a support system 

There are practitioners such as counsellors or psychologists to speak with. Furthermore, if you are looking for a holistic hands-on approach, other techniques such as massage, Chinese medicine and acupuncture can be very helpful. 

At Prompt Health, we show people their options based on their needs and provide them the knowledge they need to make informed decisions. That’s what we call smart referrals.