Personalized wellness

The world is changing and so should access to health and wellness. 

We live in this modern era where we now get to pick our potential partner online based on our preferences. 

Why can’t it be like that when it comes to our health and wellness? 

Wouldn’t it be awesome if we could start with our specific needs and then customize it by preferences such as certain treatment options, a specialty with a certain age group, our health status, our availability, language and more. We then get a sneak peek into who offers those services and how, whether in person or virtually, and have the ability to compare our options before blindly trying different services. The symptom googling days are over and no longer do we have to go on blind dates to find practitioners...

We are all different with unique needs and one size does not fit all. 

Prompt Health is an online concierge service here to change our health and wellness experience by providing personalized options, by taking the challenge out of accessing and navigating the care we need, and by making it easier and faster to get it how and where we want it.