Our fitness goals are all different

When it comes to fitness, we all have different goals and needs based on our background. 

Many of us are keeping active to manage a healthy weight and healthy mind. 

Some have more focused goals and might be interested in resistance training for improving strength, toning up, or increasing power, while others might be interested in cardio to improve endurance or train for a race. Some might even be looking to improve flexibility and balance.

For people who have injuries, chronic health issues such as cardiovascular disease or diabetes, or for those who are pregnant, the approaches are all different. 

There are experts and programs that offer catered training for different populations. Most are appropriate for healthy clients but many work specifically with clients that have special conditions. For example, there are trainers and kinesiologists who work just with people who are recovering from heart disease. There are therapists and trainers who offer exercise programs for pre-natal, postnatal and perhaps during pregnancy safely. 

Wouldn’t it be amazing to find these providers or centers easily, all in one place, and based on needs and backgrounds?

At Prompt Health, we are on a mission to help people find the right solutions based on their needs.