How can Prompt Health help during COVID

Prompt Health is an online concierge service that operates as a personal assistant to help people get what they need in healthcare. It allows individuals to have several customizable search options to cater to the different preferences in delivery and access of healthcare. 

We're living through a pandemic right now and navigating care is more challenging than ever. We want to limit our travelling and exposure which rules out the process of safely sitting in different clinics to see who we like and what works for us best. 

The first thing Prompt Health can do for you is narrow down your options to only providers offering virtual appointments. This gives you a ton of variety to choose from because the providers don’t even have to be in your geographical area. The second thing we can do is help you learn about the different practitioners by viewing a complete profile of what each one offers and comparing them against each other. This will help you make a better and quicker decision and it will get rid of the need to put yourself in harm's way to try out different healthcare providers. You can compare their credentials, years of experience, prices and more. You also have the option of seeing a video introduction about that professional or center to decide if it feels like the right fit for you.

All of these options will enable you as the client to find the closest match, based on what you need, from the comfort of your own home.